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The Biotex® textiles are made of carded yarns containing a very new, special HT glassfibre with a high calcium silicate content and of a supporting cellulose fibre, viscose, that assumes the fundamental task during the production phase of the yarn itself, which volatilizes at approximately 200°C. The reinforcement of chrome-nickel stainless steel fibres (1050°C) or with glass fibres (650°C) allow the Biotex® yarns to guarantee a good mechanical resistance even at high temperatures. Today, the Biotex® products are considered a valid ecological alternative to ceramic textiles, thanks to their characteristics of heat resistance, their high heat insulating properties, their lightness and softness of touch. All Biotex® products are completely free of asbestos and ceramic fibres.
Iron industry, industrial kilns, electrical furnaces, boilers, stoves, chimneys, sealings, sealing joints, industrial insulation, various applications for high temperatures.
Twisted ropes, sleeve, packings, Bioglass, packings for kilns, insulating ropes, tapes, ladder tapes, clothes, covers, Biograf, Note de music.

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