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Many situations in industrial plants require the application of insulating systems that are able to offer particular characteristics such as flexibility, ease of application and removal and a high level efficiency as far as thermal properties are concerned. For this reason, Texpack® has developed a range of heat-insulating textile products capable of satisfying the customers’ widest and most demanding requirements: from a simple standard blanket for valves and flanged couplings to specially designed cushions made to measure following careful measurements taken by highly specialised members of staff. Moreover, the range also includes sewing threads, valve covers, blankets and other manufactured items. The manufactured products offer many advantages:
• they are particularly suitable for insulating parts that are difficult for traditional insulating systems to adapt to.
• they offer high level characteristics as far as heat insulation is concerned, as the products are made exclusively of high quality materials.
• they offer excellent sound deadening in every situation.
• they provide excellent resistance to vibrations.
• they contribute towards energy saving.
• they can adapt to the most complex shapes as they are made to measure.
• they can be removed and refitted for maintenance operations.
The manufactured products are made with materials that are completely asbestos and ceramic-free, based on glass fibre.

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