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Thanks to the experience acquired over the years in the production of textile products, Texpack® has developed a new range of products made using AISI 316 L steel fibre called Tenack. The products are te- chnologically advanced, they withstand a maximum working temperature of 650°C, they are resistant to mechanical stress, corrosion, water, but, above all, their main feature is that they preserve glass that is otherwise subject to scratching and thermal shocks during machining. These products are widely used in the industrial sector and particularly in the glass indu- stry, especially in the bending and forming sectors.
The Tenack products are ideal for covering stacker rods in the hollow glass industry and for lining moulds for the production of car windows, for covering rollers and pipes in hardening furnaces and in lamination furnaces for flat glass. They are also used as mould separators in the production of car windows and as suction cups in carousel plants using a vacuum sy- stem.
Sleeves, braids, tapes, fabrics and felts.

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