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Textile expansion joints

Cod. 3240COM

Textile expansion joints are flexible connections the purpose of which is to absorb vibrations and compensate for the movements between the two sections of piping to which they are connected.

Therefore, the textile joints are strategic components for the operating life of many industrial plants.

They are used in the presence of gaseous fluids, typically air and fumes, with temperatures of up to 1200°C. They are easy to manage, light to transport and handle, easy to fit and long-lasting.

These expansion joints are fitted on piping and duct systems conveying fluids of all types, which are continually subject to damage and breakage due to mechanical stress. The choice of textile joint depends on the operating conditions, which include resistance to temperature, pressure, chemical agents, movements of the duct and the need to lower heat and sound levels.


  • Extremely high temperature and fume ducts
  • Naval applications
  • Applications in the energy sector, for air or smoke ducts
  • Thermoelectric power plants power plants
  • Installations mainly with a “vibration damping” purpose


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