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Texil® diagonal braiding square packing graphited

Cod. 1234GRAF

The 4 diagonal interlaced Texil® square packing is produced with Texil® yarns, which guarantee excellent flexibility and thermal resistance, and impregnated thread by thread with graphite dispersion. Texil® products resist very well to high temperatures (1000 ° C) and, thanks to the particular fibrous structure and low density, have excellent thermal insulating and insulating properties.

Types of braiding

The types of braiding also vary according to the type of braiding system used. In the case of diagonal braiding, the yarns pass diagonally from one side to the other and are joined by an internal weave, allowing each yarn to become an integral part of the braid itself. Diagonal braiding has many advantages, such as flexibility, which prevents stretching and twisting resulting from deformation in the structure of the packing when it takes the form of rings; elasticity and recovery, to guarantee tightness under pressure; homogeneity, to guarantee an efficient service and a longer duration; compactness of the external surfaces, to ensure sealing avoiding excessive clamping pressure and possible wear with the shaft; core impregnation with ptfe and graphite dispersion (also known as yarn-by-yarn impregnation), as a seal guarantee to improve efficiency and value in use.


Industrial furnaces, oven doors, coke furnaces, stoves, chimneys.


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