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Technora tape

Cod. 1550

Technora tapes are textile products made with a paraaramid fibre developed and produced exclusively by the chemical company, Teijin, which has offered it to the market since 1987. This continuous filament fibre offers, among its principal characteristics, high tensile strength, high modulus of elasticity and excellent resistance to heat (it is flame retardant and does not burn) and to chemical agents, particularly acids and alkalis. Technora tapes are made using numerous thin threads so that the breakage of one or several will not immediately affect the tape’s ability to work efficiently. In this way a compact, strong, homogeneous product is obtained, with a smooth surface. Technora tapes have excellent mechanical characteristics (excellent shear strength, abrasion resistance, tear resistance and compression strength) and its heat resistance characteristics remain unchanged (up to 300°C – 350°C).


Protective cladding of sliding rollers in tempering furnaces in the flat glass industry.


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