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Cutter for Texjunior Ciclo gaskets

Cod. 6600CJ

The circular cutter for Texjunior ciclo cutter flat seals is ideal for the production of precision round seal gaskets up to an external diameter of 500 mm and with a thickness of up to 12 mm. The cutter is provided with a hard metal cutting blade that can be replaced. It is outstanding for its simplicity of use. Gaskets can be made:

  • from the centre of the cutter: from ø 30 to ø 270 mm
  • from the corners of the cutter: from ø 270 to ø 500 mm

Instructions for use

  • Position the cutter on a table or, better still, secure it with a vice.
  • Make the central hole of the gasket
  • Insert the sheet in the hole and lock it after rotating
  • Adjust the length of the cutting arm, marking the desired radius with a red line (remember: firstly the outer diameter, then the internal)
  • Fully insert the pin in the locking kit
  • Rotate in a clockwise direction and always horizontally, pressing lightly according to the type of material.


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