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Cutter for gaskets

Cod. 9003T

The Texpack® gasket cutter is a device for producing of gaskets with diameters ranging from 80 mm to 1250 mm. Circular gaskets can be produced exactly to size. Any gasket material can be cut: asbestosfree, graphite, rubber, PTFE, PVC, carbon and leather.

Instructions for use

  • Position the centering pin for the desired gasket diameter and then lock using the special lever
  • Position the surface (not included)
  • Lower the cutting blade until the surface has been lightly marked
  • Fasten the position of the cutting blade and then lock it
  • Lift the cutting blade using the small handwheel
  • Make a centering hole in the sheet from which the gasket has to be cut
  • Position the sheet on the centering pin
  • ut the gasket by rotating the larger handwheel, after having lowered the cutting blade by the required amount. If the material to be cut has a thickness of more than 3 mm, the use of a surface can be avoided by cutting the sheet through approximately half of its thickness, and then turning it over and carrying out the same cutting operation on the other side of the sheet

Packaging and shipping

The cutter is shipped to ensure its intact state during transport, in a specific wooden case, not included in the cost of the product, but included separately.


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