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Pyrotex® sleeve with velcro

Cod. 3267V

Based on braided glass fibres, the Pyrotex® sleeve is covered with a thick layer of red silicone rubber. The red colour is due to the high content of Fe203. The rub-ber reduces energy loss and has a good resistance to abrasion. It resists temperatures up to 260°C. The outer coating based on red silicone rubber provides a high level of resistance to abrasion and is used par-ticularly to protect hydraulic cooling pipes, cables for electric circuits and for the movement and handling of highly superheated metals and molten slag. It protects workers from the risk of burning due to the intense heat given off by pipes containing molten metals in ste-el-works for the production of special steels. It is also excellent for reducing any energy loss thanks to the low coefficient of heat transmission. Thanks to the practical velcro, it is the ideal solution to protect pipes or electri-cal cables and replace worn protective sheaths.

Protection of cables, wires and hoses against extreme heat, fire protection, insulation of hoses against loss of heat for the steel and naval industries, industrial furnaces, automotive sector, foundries, steel works, oil rigs.


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