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Pyrotex® cloth

Cod. 3271T

Pyrotex® cloth is a glass fibre cloth coated on one side a layer of red silicone rubber which is self-extinguishing with aluminium fillers and resistant to high temperatures. Thanks to its particularly resistant structure, it represents the ideal solution when protective guards need to be set up in welding centres or when parts of machinery need to be protected from molten metal splash or from casting slag. Pyrotex® cloth is able to withstand a continuous temperature of 280°C. On request, it can be supplied with stainless steel AISI 316 anchoring rings or with a special heat resistant Velcro fastenings that enable it to be fitted without having to disconnect electric cables.


Protection against welding sparks, protection of people or property from molten metals, protection of people from sources of radiating heat, protection of water-cooled electric cables in arc furnaces.


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