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Metaltex MF

Cod. 6808GMF

METALTEX® MF is a high-quality-three component gasket made from flexible natural graphite, stainless steel and PTFE. METALTEX® MF combines the advantages of the sealing properties of three materials in one product. Owing to its expanded graphite core displays high long-term stability, and adapts well to uneven flanges. The reinforcing stainless steel sheets ensure the high mechanical strength of the gasket. Due to the stainless steel/PTFE-foil top layers, METALTEX® MF separates with ease from flanges and leaves no residue. Nothing sticks to the flanges, whether at room temperature or at 300°C. There is no time-consuming cleaning of the flanges. Maintenance time and the risk of scratching the flange faces reduces significantly. The operator saves time and money with every gasket change. Moreover, the stainless steel/PTFE-foil top layers together with the inner eyelet provide excellent sealing properties.


  • Maximum sealability and operational reliability
  • For high demands imposed on process hygiene, in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

– For any operation involving toxicity, flammability and pollution hazards.

– Suitable for temperatures ranging from -200°C to 300°C under consideration of the chemical resistance.


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