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Spiral-wound gaskets

Cod. 9TX

The spiral-wound gaskets are made of metal tape with a specially shaped profile coupled with a filler tape (graphite, ceramic or glass fibre, PTFE or mica), both uniformly wound with constant winding tension. The unique metal profile has an elastic action that guarantees a perfect seal under all fluctuating temperature and pressure conditions. They can be assembled to a centring ring that may be external, internal or both. The rings are used for precise purpose: the inner ring has an antiturbulence function, since it usually has an internal diameter equal to the internal diameter of the flange. It prevents the deposition of material in the gap between flanges and is normally constructed with the same material as the spiral, so it protects it against corrosion and eliminates any flange erosion. The outer ring serves as a centering device between the bolts, prevents lateral expansion of the seal and serves as a reference shim for correct assembly.


Oil refineries, chemical industries, plants for the production and transformation of steam and power stations.


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