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Glass Cloth

Cod. 3240VT030

Texpack® VT glass cloths consist of 100% textured and/or volumised glass yarns for temperatures of up to 550°C. Having undergone special finishing treatments, they comply with various requirements for use as heat insulation at high temperatures. Completely non-combustible and providing high level mechanical characteristics, they resist temperatures of up to 550°C. They are chemically stable and corrosion-resistant. Compared with the glass yarns produced with continuous twisted VR yarns of the same weight, the glass fibre fabrics produced with volumised yarns are thicker and, therefore, offer greater heat resistance. They comply with international standards concerning non-combustible materials and have a low chloride content.


Power plants, chemical and metallurgy industries.

The cloths are used in the form of:

  • Covers to protect against metal splash and sparks;
  • Blankets for the mobile lagging of valves, flanges, turbines and boilers;
  • Expansion joints and special tapes for applications on complex shapes;
  • Sleeves for piping.

For particular applications, the cloth can be coupled and/or coated with aluminium, polyurethane, vermiculite and silicone.


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