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Ecotex glass felt thickness 8 mm with vermiculite on both sides

Cod. 3290E08VER

The Ecotex needle felt is manufactured with cut inorganic E type glass fibres that are thermally stable and comply with standards DIN1259. The felt has good textile characteristics, excellent mechanical resistance and stability. The felt is soft, voluminous, supple, easy to perforate, cut and handle. Various punched and die-cut pieces of needle felt are available according to customer requirements. Working temperature up to 650°C.

Motorbike Industry
Heat and acoustic insulation (pre-formed cartridges for exhaust heads and silencers, covers for plastic parts and fairing, pipe lapping).
Automotive Industry
Heat insulation (padding of mattresses for silencers and pipes); soundproofing (soundproofing of bonnet panels and engine compartments, the inside of silencers and exhaust heads).
Soundproofing of hoods and engine compartment, silencers and mufflers inside.
Thermal and acoustic insulation, heat exchanger insulation, optimization and energy saving of boilers, wrapping pipes, valves, creation of gaskets and maintenance.


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