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Insulating blanket

Cod. 3240COMA

Texpack® makes insulating textile artifacts commonly called “insulation blanket”. The pads are built in specialized tailoring, both on specific customer design and on targeted profile of the equipment. There are countless structural compositions of the artefacts which, according to the application and operating conditions, can be made from different fabrics and specific insulators. Texpack@  uses high-quality textiles such as: aluminium-coated glass fabrics, silicon glass fabrics, silica fabrics with vermiculite, stainless steel and polyurethane coated glass fabrics, fabrics coated in PTFE, caramelized glass fabrics. They are also made with insulators such as Ecotex glass felt, silica felt, foam and environmentally friendly Biotex mats aimed at reducing heat, as needed for the application. The pads are packaged with closure variants such as: flame retardant Velcro, nomex Velcro, hooks and stainless springs, buckle straps or clip buttons. A competent and well-trained staff, with extended experience in insulation, can support our customers.


Shipping, petrochemical, chemical, industrial safety industry, cogeneration plants and generator sets, skids and piping.


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