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Chequered glass cloth

Cod. 3240VT060Q

Texpack® chequered glass cloth is produced with continuous glass yarns for temperatures up to 550°C. The chequering of the cloth guarantees greater mechanical resistance. The cloths are chemically stable and corrosion-resistant. The chequered glass cloth can be aluminised to reduce fraying when cut (this treatment reduces the maximum temperature withstood to 200°C).

It has high mechanical strength, excellent resistance to friction and is non-dusty. Versions available:

  • 3240VT060ALQ: Aluminised chequered glass cloth
  • 3240VT060ALQAD: Aluminised chequered glass cloth with adhesive
  • 3240VT060CARQ: Caramelised chequered glass cloth – makes the cloth soft to the touch, suitable for lamination or coating, gives it a brown colour and reduces the production of fumes during use.


The cloth is used in the form of:

  • covers to protect against metal splash and sparks;
  • blankets for removable lagging for valves, flanges, turbines and boilers;
  • expansion joints and special tapes for application on complex shapes;
  • sleeves for piping.


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