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Carbontex felts

Cod. 1390

Carbon felt is made of 100% pre-oxidised polyacrylonitrile fibre in a black colour. It is fully fireproof and an excellent fire retardant; it does not drip and has very low fume emissions; it can also be used as a fire blanket because it is fire-resistant up to temperatures with peaks around 800°C. It has good chemical resistance, in particular to alkalis, diluted acids and solvents.

It also available with one aluminised side: good capacity for reflecting heat and increasing brightness in the workplace.


  • Welding blankets and screens
  • Separators for blast furnaces
  • Thermal insulation
  • Equipment protection
  • Blast furnace door insulation
  • Heat insulation for fuel lines
  • Pipe lagging
  • Heat insulation for steam lines
  • Flange protection in glass industry
  • Heat containment curtains
  • Hydraulic line protection
  • Wire and cable protection
  • High temperature air duct insulation
  • Fire proof barriers for hazardous liquids
  • Insulation for small heaters
  • Protection from high heat sources
  • Thermal insulation for fumes manifolds
  • Heat containment in kilns

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