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Black heat-resistant silicone in bags of 400 ml / 600 ml

Cod. 9000STNS400-9000STNS600

Single-component, heat-resistant, acetic acid curing, silicone sealant that cures at room temperature in contact with atmospheric humidity, ensuring permanent and flexible silicone bonding even at high temperatures (+250°C). Excellent adhesion even without a primer on most non-porous siliceous materials such as glass, ceramic, glazed tiles and clinker, impregnated or painted wood and some types of plastics. Users should carry out their own tests due to the variety of substances. Adhesion can be improved in many cases by using a primer on the substrate.


Mainly used to glue packings and tapes for stoves and fireplaces, to seal flanges of boilers, stoves, flues, heating system ducts and piping for transporting hot fluids; to replace gaskets on pumps, engines and machine tools; to glue or seal parts of electrical appliances. The silicone is not suitable for applications that require direct flame resistance.


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