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Aluminized carbotex Felt

Cod. 1390AL

Aluminized carbotex felt is made of 100% pre-oxidised polyacrylonitrile fibre in a black colour. It is fully fireproof and an excellent fire retardant; it does not drip and has very low fume emissions; it can also be used as a fire blanket because it is fire-resistant up to temperatures with peaks around 800°C. It has good chemical resistance, in particular to alkalis, diluted acids and solvents, and a good ability to reflect heat and increase the luminosity of work places. It is used to protect components positioned near heat sources at very high temperatures, such as manifolds and exhaust lines. The aluminized carbotex felt helps to keep intake temperatures low when installed on airboxes, air ducts and tanks subject to strong radiating heat. It is provided with an adhesive film of special glues containing modified acrylic resins, which makes it extremely easy to apply and guarantees strong and secure adhesion.


  • Manifolds and car and racing bike exhaust lines
  • Welding blankets and screens
  • Separators for blast furnaces
  • Thermal insulation
  • Equipment protection
  • Blast furnace door insulation
  • Heat insulation for fuel lines
  • Pipe lagging
  • Heat insulation for steam lines
  • Flange protection in the glass industry
  • Heat containment
  • Hydraulic line protection
  • Wire and cable protection
  • High temperature air duct insulation
  • Fire proof barriers for hazardous liquids
  • Insulation for small heaters
  • Protection from high heat sources
  • Thermal insulation for fumes
  • Heat containment in kilns


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