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In production activities there can often be hazardous situations caused by the presence of high heat sources, or the use of fire, sparks and flames. Therefore, it is essential to take significant preventive action for the people who come into contact with them, as well as protecting the plants from considerable exposure or even to avoid the risk of fires, explosions, bursts caused by excessive heating. TEXPACK® supplies a complete range of fire and high temperature protection products. They are insulating, new generation products with high performance, such as the insulation of turbines, pipes, valves and parts of systems and plants in general, which today allow considerable energy savings also in line with the mindset of more sustainable development.

Heat and fire protection garments


  • Coats, boots, hoods, gloves, trousers, jackets, in aluminised aramid fibre
  • Aprons in aluminised aramid fibre
  • Helmet covers and gaiters in aluminised aramid fibre
Thermal insulation and heat protection


  • Custom-made heat-resistant products
  • Fire retardant covers and tarpaulins
  • Valve covers and flange covers
Products fire protection systems


  • Fabric bellows and covers
  • Custom-made textile products
  • Refractory sheets
  • Glass felts, aluminised and non-aluminised glass felts, glass felts with vermiculite, silica glass felts

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